Top Sea Fishing at Torsvag

On a quick 3 day fact finding mission to Torsvag, Dave Lewis and I enjoyed top class sport. Cod to 30 pounds and small halibut on medium spinning gear fishing a 120 gram shad to better quality cod again to 30 pounds but with no smaller ones and halibut to 50 pounds on a giant shad.

There are literally countless marks. 17 boats out on the water and we hardly ever saw more than two on the horizon. Great features and fish feeding in all depths fished from 10 to 60 metres. Dave only fished shads and caught almost every drop down. Fish here in spring for those huge Barents Sea cod, camp record 76 pounds but they have been caught over 100lb.! Summer is prolific fishing for quantity and quality. The big coalfish in the 20 to 40 pound range arrive mid summer. Late summer into Autumn will see the huge halibut arrive. Camp record over 400 pounds.

A very well managed centre just over 2 hours from Tromso Airport. Boats are all well serviced Arvor 210 and 230’s. Accommodation is good and the location as far out into the best fishing grounds as is possible. Good fishing too in the sheltered fjords. This has to be our number one fishing venue. Ticks all the boxes.!Light-Shad-Gear Cod-on-shad-Torsvag Big-Shad.Halibut 120gram-shad-Torsvag DaveLewis-Torsvik-Cod