Tips for Fishing Clear Water

Coarse fishing in clear water areas require a different approach. The waters in Denmark and Ireland have changed in recent years. Cleaner sewerage plants and zebra mussels have contributed to clearer waters. On bright days bream in particular head into deeper water (being low light feeders).

Avoid using ground-bait. Use it for plugging your feeder and a dark mix is essential. The key is particle feed and the best in terms of cost, preparation and effectiveness is WHEAT. It is as good if not better than caster and way cheaper. A 20kg bag will cost about £10 and provide the equivalent in volume to around £400 of caster. You will use that volume between 2 anglers in a week.!!!

Prebait (using a small carp spod), loose feed and use as a base particle in your feeder with chopped worm if you are targeting bream.

Baz Smith (IRELAND) and Keith Lidgett (DENMARK) have proved the effectiveness fishing large and small stillwaters where the water was very clear.

Wheat – highly effective, easy to use (just soak in a “cooler box” for 48 hours liberally covering with hot water), cheap to buy and easy to store.Wheat-Prep-blog Bream-Denmark-blog Bream-Holland-blog Wheat-blog