Fantastic Fishing Action – Panama

Amazing fishing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Panama. John Horsey and I took a winter break to catch some Central American sunshine and film some great saltwater fishing action.
Our base was the aptly named Paradis Lodge, located near a group of islands that provide stunning sport in sheltered water. We landed 14 different species with rooster fish, cubera snapper and a variety of trevally topping off a great week.
There are numerous areas to access by boat and the ocean here is very rich indeed. With such a vast amount of bait fish it is no surprise to find big numbers and variety of quality predatory fish to target. Depending on species and location methods include surface popping, sub surface lures, jigging, baits and even a few fish on fly tactics.
Paradise Lodge has superb boats and guides, includes all meals and is expertly run. Good value for money for a well run operation.

Action fishing Panama

Fishing Panama

Tribute to Bill Chisholm

William Turnbull Chisholm… Bill to his many friends.
21 October 1935 to 11 October 2017

It is with great sadness I announce the passing of a great friend and angler. Bill loved his fishing adventures whether it was on his local river, the lakes in Ireland or the wilderness of northwest Canada.

I first met Bill as a client on a trip some 30 years ago. He became a firm friend and a valuable asset to my company.

He became part of our family and we enjoyed 27 Christmas’s together in addition to thousands of miles of travelling to many great places.

Bill fished with some of the worlds best anglers and he caught many big fish from Salmon to Halibut, Bream and Sturgeon.

He often said he was lucky but we both knew that with determination and hard work you make your own luck. Bill was a successful engineer and businessman and fishing was his passion along with his/our German Shepherd dogs.

He loved them and they him. His favourites Duke and Ruby pre both deceased him by a few weeks.

If there is an afterlife with rivers and lakes, you can be sure Bill will be fishing away with them by his side.

The end of an era.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dave Lewis and I have just returned from an amazing recce trip to San Juan Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.

Fly and bait fishing produced great Tarpon action with the biggest fish around 120 pounds, caught by Harmohan Khanna. Best tarpon on a fly was landed by Andrew Leaves and weighed 65 pounds.

Local accommodation/guides supplied by Caribbean Fishing Adventures who operate a great value and most professional setup.

Packages for groups of 2 to 10 can be booked virtually year round although the best season is November to June. Direct flights operate from Gatwick on Wednesday and Saturday each week.

Call 01246 221717 for more details. Video clip to arrive shortly on our website.

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Kluane Lodge

Take a look at some of the big Lake Char (Lake Trout), caught and released this summer at Kluane Lodge on scenic Wellesley Lake.
Only around 16 anglers per week have access to this lake in June, July & August when the fishing is prime. It is Canada’s premier lure & fly fishing lake measuring 10 miles by 6 miles and only reached by float plane.
We have two trips planned in 2017 – June 20th & 27th
For leaflet and DVD call 01246 221717 or visit our website

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