Byalven Cottages, Sweden

Our guide, Per, at Byalven Cottages in central Sweden reports a great start for Dutch predator anglers. Cold nights and bright warm days mean the lakes pike and asp are feeding well on lures.
Our two cottages are scenically located right beside the lake. Boats included. Also amazing coarse fishing from the shore.

Byalven, Sweden

Cold bright winters and long nights provide the chance to fish through the ice. Quality perch are located (caught and released) using small jigs fished just off bottom. Fish one spot then move a few yards, drill another hole and fish again.
As long as the ice is a good 10cm thick it is quite safe. February/March is normally the best time of the year. The ice starts breaking up in April and by May it is all gone and it is back to conventional fishing methods.

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Sweden, Guided fishing for Asp, Pike, Perch and Zander.

Fredrik is one of the countries top and most enthusiastic guides operating from an area around Mariestad in south central Sweden just over 2 hours drive east from Gothenburg.

Clients stay in a choice of accommodation close to top waters that Fredrik knows well. A secluded log cabin catering for up to 4 clients providing high standards of personal comfort or we offer a friendly country inn with twin and single bedrooms.  John Horsey experienced excellent top water lure fishing for Asp on a trip in late August fishing rocky reefs with Fredrik on vast Lake Vanern, Sweden’s largest lake.

Asp are predators that work in groups targeting shoals of baitfish close to the surface. Asp move fast and fishing with a guide from a boat is the favoured way to target these hard fighting fish. Expect to catch asp in the 6 to 12 pound range.

With frequent flights to Gothenburg and an easy drive to the fishing locations, short 3 day plus guided trips make for good value. June to September the perfect time of the year.

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Fredrik is one of Sweden’s top pike fishing guides. A great predator angler in his own right based in southern central Sweden between Gothenburg and Stockholm.

He has access to remote and unpressured lakes with big pike potential. Pike into the 30’s have been caught and released. 40 pounders are there to be caught. All tackle and baits can be supplied. Full and part guided tailor made packages. Clients add a fly drive option into either Gothenburg or Stockholm (not included).

Exclusive guided packages for 2 to 4 anglers seeking exclusive big pike action on scenic relatively unfished waters.dsc_blog-0719 dsc_blog-0599 dsc_blog-0602 dsc_blog-0776 dsc_blog-0577