Big Perch Feeding

Rob is our top guide in Holland. Located close to the Europort on some of Hollands biggest meres. Know the water and you can catch some true specimens. Perch are the sought after species on light gear in spring when they are at their biggest. 5 and 6 pounders certainly possible with the right guide and Rob is your man. Brought up on these waters. Pike, Zander, Ide and Asp are the other predators that provide great sport. Check out our Holland guided fishing trips.Holland-Rob-blog

Big Perch in Holland

Top guide , Rob, based close to the Europort has enjoyed great sport for big perch on his local waters. Quite a few over the 5 pound mark and his biggest 6lb 11oz. Fishing the Herringvleet from his well equipped boat using light lure tackle on this huge mere.
Rob knows the best spots and his guide fees are well worth the investment. We have special self drive package rates staying at Helloevetsluis just 10 minutes drive from the port. Caught mid March 2016.Perch-blog-6966 ROB-perch-blog-7021

Rob, Top Guided Predator Fishing in Holland

Rob knows these vast waters that are stuffed with big predators. These are just two quality fish he caught and guided on New Years day. Calm overcast mild weather on these large Dutch meres are perfect conditions for light spinning tackle fishing soft plastics / shads. We offer great guided fishing packages from short to longer breaks. Prime time is September through to March.Rob-big-perch-Guided-Holland Rob-Holland-Guided-Asp

Holland – Guides Lure Fishing

Rob offers some of the most exciting guided lure fishing in Europe. You fish the big waters of the Heringvleet some 25 miles long and up to 6 miles wide. A rich water system with lots of features best accessed by boat (and guide). Here you will find quality lure fishing for perch, asp, ide, zander and pike. Tackle can be provided. We offer a wide choice of accommodation nearby from cottages with a bar restaurant to hotels.
Durations are generally from 2 to 7 nights or more.

holland-guided-asp holland-guided-ide holland-guided-pike holland-guided-shads holland-guided