XLyngen North Norway Top Sea Fishing Centre

The Lyngen Fjord provides scenic and sheltered fishing close to excellent and productive marks. Quality cod, halibut, coalfish and haddock on pirks and shads using modern well equipped self use boats. The centre is located about 2 hours from Tromso Airport and has excellent accommodation and facilities. Prime time is May to September but April and October will produce with stable weather.

North Norway Sea Fishing

Xlyngen Norway

Fantastic Fishing and Boats at Skjervoy

Ray and friends have been fishing out of Skjervoy for 10 years. After just returning from an early July trip they had great things to report…
“This year we had new Marlin boats with 150hp outboards. Great boats but a bit juicy if you use too much power. 23 knots is a good speed for optimum economy. The boats push better through chop and don’t slam. The weather was harsh at times but we had 13 halibut to 52lb and many cod with the best one weighing in at 60 pounds! This clearly made our trip.”

Skjervoy, Norway

SKJERVOY October 2017

Just returned from a great 3 day trip to Skjervoy to meet the new manager Roger and his assistant Frank. Dave Lewis put the new Jeanneau boat through its paces and it passed with flying colours. With a 115 hp 4 stroke Yamaha engine these excellent boats will offer high levels of safety, reliability and manoeuvrability.

They will be the best fishing platforms in Northern Norway and the full compliment of 10 boats will arrive June 1st. A limited number will be available from March onwards.

The weather was unseasonably good, 2 perfect and 1 good day out of 3.! Temperatures were slightly higher than average and we caught Cod to twenty pounds plus coalies and mackeral. Good off season fishing using both shads and pirks in 30 to 40 metres.

Booking up fast for 2018… call now on 01246 221717.


Lauklines Summer Season Summary 2017

We have just received this season summary from Explore the Arctic, with regards to their fishing trips 2017.

We have now completed another successful fishing season. This was the first season with our new specially built charter boat and it has proven to be the perfect boat for charter boat angling.

New Specially Built Charter Boat

In the start of the season we experienced good fishing for big cod. Due to low water temperatures this fishing lasted until the end of May. The first couple of weeks of the season we also caught some big ling up to approx. 20kg. The amount of big ling seems to increase every year in our area.

Big Cod

The fishing for wolffish started in May and reached its peak in June and July. The biggest one we caught this season was approx. 9kg.

The big coalfish also arrived during May. For a couple of weeks in the end June and start of July we experienced fantastic top water fishing for big coalfish. We even caught them on poppers and floating stickbaits. The biggest coalfish this season was approx. 16kg.

The fishing for haddock was a bit slow this season, even if we caught some nice one in the end of the season.

The fishing for halibut was also a bit slow this season, even if it picked up in the end of the season. The biggest halibuts were caught in September, with fish up to 198cm. As always we had peaks in the halibut fishing a few days before full moon and new moon.

This year the big shoals of mackerel arrived in the start of July and the biggest one we caught was 1,5kg.

The fishing for flatfish in the end of the season resulted in some nice plaice and dab. Plaice up to 3,2kg and dab up to 1kg were caught.




Big Cod

The end of the season has also offered good fishing for whiting and redfish at the deep drop-offs.

As always we had many spectacular nature and wildlife experiences during the fishing trips, such as sea eagles, orcas, mink whales, dolphins and porpoises.

The booking for the next season has already begun and the first trips will take part in the start of May.

We are now looking forward to the winter season with whale watching, winter fjord cruises and Northern Lights trips.

For more information on Anglers World Fishing trips call on 01246 221717 and view more on our website http://anglersworld.tv/sea-fishing/norway/troms-region/lauklines/

More late summer action in Torsvag

Fantastic fishing for quality fish and variety of species in one of the best sea fishing areas in the north of Norway.

Paul O’Connor and his group enjoyed a great weeks fishing in August at Torsvag. They had many Person Bests with cod to 38lb, plus a wide variety of other species including halibut, plaice, dabs, coalfish, and mackeral.

The camp, accommodation, boats, staff and arrangements “were faultless” and they will be returning same time in 2018.


Gordon Batty and group, Torsvag September

Fantastic fishing during a mixed weather week but they could fish every day. Vast numbers of cod with lots 20 to 30 pound plus. One mark had 30 meters of water and 20 meters of cod !!!

Everyone landed halibut too with Gordon’s biggest weighing 70 pounds.

Great accommodation, faultless staff and well maintained Arvor boats. Needless to say they will return for sure in 2018.

Top Sea Fishing at Torsvag

On a quick 3 day fact finding mission to Torsvag, Dave Lewis and I enjoyed top class sport. Cod to 30 pounds and small halibut on medium spinning gear fishing a 120 gram shad to better quality cod again to 30 pounds but with no smaller ones and halibut to 50 pounds on a giant shad.

There are literally countless marks. 17 boats out on the water and we hardly ever saw more than two on the horizon. Great features and fish feeding in all depths fished from 10 to 60 metres. Dave only fished shads and caught almost every drop down. Fish here in spring for those huge Barents Sea cod, camp record 76 pounds but they have been caught over 100lb.! Summer is prolific fishing for quantity and quality. The big coalfish in the 20 to 40 pound range arrive mid summer. Late summer into Autumn will see the huge halibut arrive. Camp record over 400 pounds.

A very well managed centre just over 2 hours from Tromso Airport. Boats are all well serviced Arvor 210 and 230’s. Accommodation is good and the location as far out into the best fishing grounds as is possible. Good fishing too in the sheltered fjords. This has to be our number one fishing venue. Ticks all the boxes.!Light-Shad-Gear Cod-on-shad-Torsvag Big-Shad.Halibut 120gram-shad-Torsvag Torsvag-Boat-Safety.blog Torsvag-Arvor-Boats.blog DaveLewis-Torsvik-Cod

New sea fishing centre in North Norway

Torsvag Havfiske is our newly featured sea angling centre in the North of Norway in Troms Region. This area is on Vannoy one of the outer islands in one of the richest areas of the Arctic Sea. It is renown for plentiful and big halibut in addition to big cod, coalfish, haddock and wolf fish.
Fish under the Midnight sun from late May into early August and see the northern lights in September.
Comfortable accommodation and Arvor boats on a self use basis. Private transfers can be arranged from Tromso Airport to meet selected flights. It is about 2 hours by road and ferry.torsvag2-blog Torsvag1-blog Torsvag4-blog torsvag3-blog