Kluane Lodge, Yukon Report 2016.

I have always rated this excellent wilderness lodge as the best on the North American Continent. My trips at the end of August were divided into two different fishing experiences…

The float plane fly in to this extremely isolated lodge is always exciting and part of the holiday enjoyment despite the fact I have been making this same trip every year for the past 12 years. Such a remote access ensures exclusive fishing.

The extended season created some excellent catches for northern pike and lake char for client and friend David Brady, a regular visitor. With a long warm summer and changeable weather David found the pike at all depths and the lake trout (char) in deeper water. Jigging with soft plastics proved the best method for the bigger char and he landed 49 in his 6 fishing days. He had many in the twenties and thirties and his biggest was estimated in the forty pound range. The lodge prefers to work on a length/girth basis equation which is pretty accurate and kinder on the fish.

David had three 30’s and one forty on his last afternoon fishing with lodge owner/guide Brian Dack who also landed his third 50 pounder of the season.

When the weather is settled the fishing is at its best but during occasional squalls and strong winds when the lake chops up sport slows dramatically.

My week saw 6 anglers enjoy excellent pike on fly and lure tactics in a variety of depths from 10 to 50 feet (the deepest we have caught pike to date). Most fish sizes were estimate but a few were test weighed and the biggest tipped the digital scales at a touch over 20 pounds.

Char fishing was slow by the lakes high normal standards but the two days the weather settled down the char fishing was good with fish in excess of 25 pounds. Not as good as the previous week but knowing how good the water can fish we are looking forward to a return next summer.

For anglers wanting to fish the shallower margins with fly tactics (buzzers, dries and streamers) plus hitting the deeper marks with Di 8 HD (ultra fast sink) lines and jigs for those huge char, then June into early July is the prime time. The whitefish and pike in the shallows is very good too at this time and the weather generally as stable as it gets. Located 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle there is almost 24 hours of daylight to target this exceptional and exclusive lake.

Lodge dates for 2017… June 20th and 27th. Contact us for leaflet and free DVD.

01246 221717. Martin J Founds.


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