2014 Fishing Updates at Lakeside Cottages by Mike Williams

After a long and cold winter 2014 started with a much cooler spring than normal I was expecting the fishing to be unpredictable but as soon as the warmer weather kicked in the fishing really took off at the Lake!

One of the main key factors here about the fishing, and I have always said this, is the feed – you have to remember that the fish here in Canada are wild hungry fish looking for a fight! More feed! More fish! As you will read on later in the year we have had some of the best Carp fishing here at Lakeside Cottages.

End of May two lovely couples booked in for 2 wonderful weeks celebrating a 60th birthday. The lads did well with some serious fishing a superb 29.8lb – one of the best days had were 12 fish in one day! The weather was warming up fast helping the water temperature some more good fish were caught several good twenties while the ladies had great fun exploring the local shops sightseeing sunbathing even a paddle boat ride.

Mike and guest with great carp catch at Lakeside Cottages

Next to arrive on their first 10-day fishing trip to Lakeside Cottages but not the last! Marcus and John booked the Carp fishing package and after giving the lads a guided tour and showing them some of my hot spot areas to fish they were soon into fish with several good twenties. Their best day consisting of twenty fish! Marcus managed a magnificent beauty a 31.03lb off the Lakeside swim! John had his PB a nice 27.05lb. It pays to work hard and the rewards are to be had!

Mid – June after their wedding on the beach at the resort and on their honeymoon at Lakeside Cottages, Spike managed some good fishing days of the garden swims with several good twenties and fish up to 28.-5lb! On one day Spike had 9 fish were over 20lb what a wedding gift!

End of June and regulars Andy and Gary arrived they had to miss out on their 2013 trip so 2014 could not come soon enough for 10 days fishing. In one year the lads managed a total weight of 1600lbs all their previous records were broken! And the temperatures too – reaching over 100! This years target was to catch fish enjoy barbecues at the resort and relax but as the weather got hotter the lads mixed in some sunbathing and yes, they fished hard and put the effort in catching a total weight of 900lb of fish with Andy achieving his PB 28lb!  On previous trips the lads have had weights of up to 1200 lb. The lads sure did all the right things again by keeping the bait going working hard fishing the right times when the temperatures were hot and great rewards were had with arms aching great suntans they headed home for a well deserved rest after a fabulous trip!

Spike with a great carp catch at Lakeside Cottages 2014

“Dear Mike & Eileen another great trip, the fish were to die for with weights of 900lb! The waterfront cottage just perfect for us you’re the best hosts ever and Lakeside Cottages is the Best Carp Resort in Ontario Canada hands down!”

Mornings and evenings are the right things to do when the temperatures are into reaching 30ºC great sport with great rewards for one who puts in the effort! Fantastic wild hard fighting fish are here and will really give the thrill of a lifetime like one morning in July I was up early before any of my guests having pre-baited the night before I was ready for some Carp action! Straight away I was in to the fish with half-dozen twenties and a superb 29.8lb! The key was keeping the bait going in to keep the fish around very important!

August was the most productive trip for Mark X Pat from Calgary who had some incredible fishing at Lakeside Cottages. Mark managed 824lb of fish several good twenties a very nice looking Mirror and his personal best catches of:- 34.05lb / 32lb / 35.04lb / 33lb / 32.08lb / 34.12lb / 37.04lb and a real beauty 37.05lb.

Mid – September we have the pleasure for the first time to Lakeside Cottages Philip Steve and Don. Philip is originally from England now living in Canada inviting his life long friends for a 2 week fishing trip to Lakeside Cottages and all were very keen to catch fish. Taking it in turns off the garden swims for the fish. The aim was to all have personal best’s and over the course of the holiday all were delighted! Once they got used to the style of fishing here and the baiting up methods all were straight on to fish. It was Steve with his first personal best 30.10lb followed by Don with a 31.02lb and Philip with a 30.15lb and a 32lb well done! With two 30lb fish for Philip the banter followed. Several good days were had with lots of twenties a piece. All worked extremely hard at baiting and well deserved their rewards. Another great fishing year at Lakeside Cottages. Tight Lines Mike

For more details on fishing holidays at Lakeside Cottages visit http://anglersworld.tv/carp-fishing/canada/trent-severn/